The flag of the US state of Wisconsin consists of the region’s coat of arms, with the state name above it and the date 1848 below it, on a blue background. The coat of arms consist of a shield with a plow, a pick and shovel, an arm and hammer, an anchor, and the US coat of arms on it. Above the shield is a badger, the state animal, and a banner with the word “FORWARD” on it. Below the shield a cornucopia and 13 lead ingots. To the left of the shield is a sailor and to the right of the shield is a miner, these represent the labor on water and on land in Wisconsin. This flag, as it is now, was adopted on May 1st, 1981, but this flag was used without the state name and year since 1913. Check out Flagsplosion, a flag identifying endless quiz. Now available on Steam and Google Play!